Goshukan ReachOut, in collaboration with Love Trust currently offers a free physical education/sport/karate program for vulnerable children from early childhood (birth to 6 years) through Pre/Primary and HighSchool. In addition to this, so that this journey of hope will succeed,
Goshukan Karate and Love Trust offer SAQA accredited NQF level 4 training - in the firm belief that teachers are the central levers for change. Strategically expert support is offered to identified ECD's (Early Devepment Centres) and Low-Fee Independent Schools which serve vulnerable children in communities of need.


Goshukan Reachout, established in 2014, is the charitable non-profit divison of Goshukan Karate South Africa. Our primary focus is to change the lives of the underpriveledged through disciplined education, 'street survival' self defence, physical fitness, unlocking international and Olympic sporting potential and job creation.

By instilling the tradional values of discipline, respect, honour, dignity and self confidence, we show kids an alternative path to crime, gangsterism and drugs by using positive reinforcement training through good, solid Christian leadership and mentorship.


Goshukan Reachout is a registered member of Love Trust and provides PBO, NPO, Section 18(a) (SARS) tax deduction benifits and B-BBEE accreditation


Your donation could change a life! Every cent of funds raised goes towards the upliftment and skills development of these children.Click here and make a difference today!

Click here to get involved in the good work that Goshukan Reachout do in the lives of these children. Put your skills and talents to good use by contacting us today to find out how you can get involved and make a difference!

It is our mission to change lives through qualitity, disciplined education. Equipping vaulable life changing and life saving skills to those who can not afford to do it on their own. Click here to find out more.

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